About Me

I am the owner of La Befana’s “Specialty” Gift Shoppe Inc. formerly located in the Historic Village of Montgomery, New York, and I am in the process of relocating the shop. While looking for a new destination, I built a website as an extension of my store. So please, check it out.

I am an Intuitive-Psychic reader, born in New York and raised as a Roman Catholic. For years I have provided intuitive psychic readings “via” telephone, which are enlightening and informative helping clients to feel a sense of clarity and understanding. I believe that everyone is born with the gift of intuition, but that some are more sensitive and open to it than others. My own awareness began at age five, but at the time was considered to be very “taboo” and was not spoken about.

My Intuitive-Psychic readings are performed over the telephone for several reasons: location is Not an issue, the atmosphere is non-invasive and non-judgmental, and clients are more comfortable and relaxed in their own home or ideal environment.

During my readings, I use a regular deck of cards or tarot cards as a tool to “jump-start” my readings, as well as a pad and pen for automatic writing, but not necessary. I transmit any and all information that is given to me intuitively to my client. What the client chooses to do with this information is entirely their decision. We all have free will and the freedom of choice.

All of my readings are completely private and confidential.

Please feel free to check out my website www.labefanas.com

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